Monday, April 8, 2013


Hey Beautiful!!!

This Easter weekend the 2013 Carifta Games were hosted in my hometown, Nassau, Bahamas. We hosted competing countries throughout the Caribbean for 4 days. However I only attended 1 day, which was the last day, and the final events.

I had a blast!! And it was a beautiful thing to see my country and all the other countries represent for their hometown by waving flags, blowing whistles and cheering their athletes on!

Due to the Spring season, and the festivities I wanted to be cute, colorful and comfortable. I also wanted to bust out my PINK Hermes Birkin inspired handbag.

Here is what I wore:

Neon Yellow Blazer

Embellished Black & White Graphic Tee

High Waist Jeans Shorts

#vintagepiece! These are GAP jeans and they're actually hand-me down's from my cousin Nakara! (Hey Cuz!) I can't even tell you how old these jeans are, but they still make for a good fashion piece. I never threw these away for 2 reasons: They're classic, vintage, and versatile to style! And two, they're a keepsake since my cousin no longer lives in the Bahamas with me. :(

Black Spiked Flats

Metal & Spiked Accessories

Pink Hermes Birkin Inspired Bag

Watch My SPRING HAUL VIDEO featuring this bag!

Full Outfit:

Its Spring, so I wanted to add pops of color to my outfit with my neon yellow blazer and hot pink bag. Meanwhile, I didn't want to look overdress as it was a casual, fun, sporting event. So I simplified the outfit with jeans shorts and a graphic tee.

Simple basic clothing are always a good canvas for accent pieces and accessories. Black and white is easy to dress Up or Down. So is jeans, blazers, and flats. All of which are in this outfit. Just imagine trying to dress down a printed peplum top or tiered and textured skirt. It just wont work!

I hope this look inspires your next outfit! Remember, "always dress to express yourself."


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  1. Hi dear - very nice outfit. It's always cool to find another Bahamian blogger!

    Hope you'll stop by the blog and say hi sometime!

    - Toni <3

  2. Hey sugar,

    loving that neon yellow blazer! Super cute pairing!



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