Sunday, April 28, 2013


Hello Beautiful...

My FAVORITE fashion trend of Color Blocking is always in style! So it's my "go to" trend when I'm putting together an outfit for Myself.

This weekend I had a light evening out, attending a small Cultural Expo and taking a stroll through Marina Village on Paradise Island, Bahamas.
I wanted to wear something light and casual, spring colored, but still dressed up enough to make a statement! I knew just the colors I wanted to blend together and just the accessories to make my outfit POP! 

Here's what I wore...

Coral Billowy Blouse - Charolette Russe

Purple Straight-Leg Jeans

Nude Ankle Strap Sandals -

Brown & Mint Green Clutch


3 Chain Gold Link Necklace

Mint Green & Gold Clip On Earrings

Coral & Gold Pendant Ring

Full Outfit:

With this outfit I made Spring a little bolder and louder! Mixing the pastels and neutral with the dark purple gave this look dimensions, but you almost don't even realize that nothing is the same color except my earrings and clutch. This look is a prime example of how colors and accessories could give your outfit so much LIFE! All the pieces in this outfit (shirt, pants, shoes and accessories) are basic and not too over-the-top. Casual chic! 

Coloring blocking makes it easy for you to create an outfit. You don't need none of your pieces to match, you just need the colors to compliment each other! Don't throw anything together and call it color blocking. Build a color scheme or consult the color wheel when attempting this trend. For example, I could've worn 3 shades of one color in a color family (color scheme) or mix red, yellow and blue and color block with the primary colors according to the color wheel!

I hope this look inspires your next outfit! Remember, "always dress to express yourself."


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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Splurge? or STEAL!: Prada "Baroque" Inspired Sunglasses

Hello Beautiful!!

One of the most wearable trends for Spring is Sunglasses and they're also a MUST HAVE for Summer, which is quickly approaching!

 I fell in love with these circle framed sunglasses, that I call my JackieO's! Lol, I don't know, they just reminded me of her.

However, I soon found out that my JackieO's had their own name and were designed by Prada for a lot more than I would bargain for any sunglasses!!

Yes, they're the Prada "Baroque" Sunglasses! They're vintage, iconic and sooo damn stylish!


Well you know I had to look for a dupe of these stylish sunglasses! And I didn't have to look far...


My favorite sunglasses website, Retro City Sunglasses, had the exact replicas for $10.99!!!


Don't they look the same, except for the PRADA logo on the frame and handle like the original Prada Baroque?

I was excited when I finally got my Black Bellissimo Oversize Sunglasses, from Retro City Sunglasses. They were sturdy, made with good quality and fit perfectly on my face! These shades were definitely a STEAL for all that good stuff, that great price and that designer look!

I didn't have to SPLURGE to stunt in my beloved JackieO's. But I wear them like I did... ;-)

Monday, April 8, 2013


Hey Beautiful!!!

This Easter weekend the 2013 Carifta Games were hosted in my hometown, Nassau, Bahamas. We hosted competing countries throughout the Caribbean for 4 days. However I only attended 1 day, which was the last day, and the final events.

I had a blast!! And it was a beautiful thing to see my country and all the other countries represent for their hometown by waving flags, blowing whistles and cheering their athletes on!

Due to the Spring season, and the festivities I wanted to be cute, colorful and comfortable. I also wanted to bust out my PINK Hermes Birkin inspired handbag.

Here is what I wore:

Neon Yellow Blazer

Embellished Black & White Graphic Tee

High Waist Jeans Shorts

#vintagepiece! These are GAP jeans and they're actually hand-me down's from my cousin Nakara! (Hey Cuz!) I can't even tell you how old these jeans are, but they still make for a good fashion piece. I never threw these away for 2 reasons: They're classic, vintage, and versatile to style! And two, they're a keepsake since my cousin no longer lives in the Bahamas with me. :(

Black Spiked Flats

Metal & Spiked Accessories

Pink Hermes Birkin Inspired Bag

Watch My SPRING HAUL VIDEO featuring this bag!

Full Outfit:

Its Spring, so I wanted to add pops of color to my outfit with my neon yellow blazer and hot pink bag. Meanwhile, I didn't want to look overdress as it was a casual, fun, sporting event. So I simplified the outfit with jeans shorts and a graphic tee.

Simple basic clothing are always a good canvas for accent pieces and accessories. Black and white is easy to dress Up or Down. So is jeans, blazers, and flats. All of which are in this outfit. Just imagine trying to dress down a printed peplum top or tiered and textured skirt. It just wont work!

I hope this look inspires your next outfit! Remember, "always dress to express yourself."


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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

OOTD: Rock & Red!

Hello Beautiful!

A few weeks ago we had a cold front in usually hot and sunny Nassau, Bahamas! Rain, high wind, and all that cold air gave me an excuse to wear my faux leather moto jacket! Finally!!

Leather jackets were hot for the 2012 Fall Fashion Season, and the former masculine clothing piece has transitioned into a female fashionista's staple!

Even though the moto jacket has a masculine rockstar feel, I found a way to add femininity to it by pairing it with red heels!

Here's what I wore:

Black Faux Leather Moto Jacket - Forever

#trendalert! Leather moto jackets are still making a statement since MJ's 1987 "Bad" album was released, and probably before then. Although a trendy piece, a nice leather jacket is also essential for everyone's closet. Male or female!

Rolling Stones Tank

Levi Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

#vintagepiece! I've had these jeans since 2005! I found these jeans in a Levi outlet. What made me purchase these jeans when my peers were probably wearing tight fitted bell bottoms or skinny jeans, I don't know! But I've styled these jeans many ways over the years, and they're still one of my favorite pairs in my closet.

Red Peep Toe Pumps

Full Outfit:

In this look I softened a masculine trend (leather moto jacket) with a feminine essential (heels). My look is an example of making a theme with your outfit. The theme of this outfit is Rock and Roll! My jacket, Rolling Stones tank and metal accessories definitely screams that! My boyfriend jeans and red heel to compliment the red lips on my shirt, we're just added touches.

Theme outfits makes it easier for you to create a look! So think of all the looks, trends, and styles over the years and go for it! For example, if I wanted to go for a Nubian Queen look I would've put on a maxi skirt, head wrap and big bangles and earrings.

I hope this look inspires your next outfit! Remember, "always dress to express yourself."


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