Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Hey Beautiful!!

I had the amazing privilege of speaking to an audience of Beautiful Natural Hair women on the topic of "Being a Fashionable Naturalista!" I had an AWESOME time at the Workshop... and was complimented repeatedly on my outfit!

Want to see what I wore? Check out my June Ambrose inspired outfit of the day. 
I called it "Color Me Wild" as I color blocked a cobalt blue blouse with a neon yellow pants and set them off with leopard pumps and gold statement accessories!

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Outfit of the Day: Color Me Wild!

*|SPRING/SUMMER|* Fashion Trends!!

Hello Beautiful!

Spring is almost over and the hot Summer is HERE! So what are you wearing for the seasons? Are you keeping up with the latest trends and making them your own? Do you even know what are the latest trends or whats in for the season?

Well I'm here to tell You!! I have 7 trends from the Spring and for the Summer, that You can add to your wardrobe!

1. "Green Tea Please"

Mint Green is THE Color of the Season!

And the BEST thing about this cool hue is that it matches any skin tone!

Are you afraid of wearing color? Mint green is an excellent way to start! Just add white, other pastels or neutrals to your outfit to compliment the Mint Green... and you're good to GO GREEN!

2. Think BOLD: Be the BRIGHT Idea!

Neon colors are brighter than the summer sun this season!

Bold colors such as Neon Yellow, Electric Blue, and Hot Pink really brighten a plain outfit or makes a bold statement in a busy outfit!

These colors are great for another trend: Color Blocking!

3. Catch the Sun in Your Knits

Crochet is BACK! The sun is HOT and You should be too! 

Crochet is a cool material with a casual beachy look that is great for the summer.
You don't have to feel hot, whiles looking HOT! 

Grab a few crochet pieces or make you own!

4. LACE is in the Place!

Bring out the Sexy in Spring! Add Lace to Your look! It doesn't have to be just Bunnies and Flowers!

Just the look of Lace makes you think of Romance, Seduction and Femininity!

Don't think of Old Hollywood Glam... just think of GLAM! Even in black this trend is appropriate for spring because of its whimsical, sheer, overlay design.

If you're going to try this trends this season, DO NOT skimp on it! Lace it Up!

5. Busy Body... "All Over the Place!"


Busy your outfit with one of the seasons funner trends, Prints! You have so many prints to chose from and you can find them in any piece of clothing or accessories.

Feeling foxy... grab an animal print!
Feeling tribal... go for aztec!
Feeling girly... get a floral piece!

6. Cooling It!

Do some Spring cleaning and take the Pastels trend with You to cool down the Summer sun!!

With so many colors to chose from such as peppermint, lilac, peach, soft yellow and sky blue... you can make multiple outfits by mixing and matching your pieces.
Are you scared of adding color to your wardrobe? Well this where you begin! 

Soft, light, cool colors that will easily compliment any skin tone and any piece of clothing, shoes, or accessories!

7. The NEW Chic!

Its NOT the shirt, skirt, or dress with the frill at the top or middle. Its called PEPLUM! Thats the style of the piece and one of the hottest trends of the season!

Peplum designed clothing celebrate a female's silhouette and believe it or not flatters every size and figure once worn right!

Don't shy away from this trend! Try it, fit it! Embrace it, because its ready to enhance your curves!

Its chic sophistication is great for dinner dates, business meetings, church and weddings!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hello Beautiful!!

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hello Beau-ti-ful!!

I've FINALLY uploaded the highly requested Eyebrow Tutorial!  
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If You have any questions or suggestions.... comment below! I want to hear from You! :)


Thursday, June 14, 2012


Hello Beautiful!

Today one of the few LOVES of My Life graduated High School and I'm so Proud of My LilBig Brother! My family and I cheered, clapped and took a lot of pictures at his ceremony. No doubt he felt the love, support and pride we felt for Him because he stayed focus and graduated high school!

Here's a Pic of Us Together!

Not that I needed a reason to SHOP...lol... but I saw it the perfect opportunity to go out and look for a dress for his graduation ceremony. I ended up buying not one but two dresses that I recently recorded in my first haul video. 

See video here --> 1st Mini Haul

However, I went with my first choice! The Floral Tube Top dress!! I considered several factors before I made my final decision. The present fashion season(Spring/Summer), the time of the event(Morning) and the weather condition(Sunny, Humid, and HOT AS HELL)!

Because we're slowly transitioning from Spring into Summer fashion season I opted for the pastel, neutral colors of this dress. Because the event was in the morning I preferred a chic casual but still stylishly dressed outfit. Because the temperature was hot and the air was humid I wanted my clothing to be light-weight with not to much fabric so that I can beat the heat!

Once I had made a decision on which dress to wear I began putting together an outfit...

What I wore:

Floral Tube Top Dress
Avenue XXI 
Size S 
Price: $60(original) $30(on sale)

Generation Alyssa Gold Sandals (its actually more of a neutral tone) 
Shoe Depot 
Size 6
Price: -

Pearl, White, and Gold Bead Cluster Ring
Bijoux Terner
Price: $10.00

Sparkle Drop Linear Earrings -Goldtone
Price: -

My choice of dress was a success today... I was fashionably in season, appropriately dressed, and didn't break a sweat!

Comment Below.... Tell me how You liked My Look! 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Breaking the Rules: Polka Dots & Stripes

What's In Season?

Hi Beautiful!

It's Mango Season in the Bahamas and they're plentiful! It doesn't even make sense to offer or share with you're neighbor because their yard is more than likely just like your yard... covered in mangoes!
There is only so many mangoes each member of your family can eat a day(if they eat it at all) and by this time everyone is probably stalled of them! So just what can we do with all these mangoes?!

Well if you're interested in skin and hair care... Here's a Few Facts and Tips for You to make excellent use of all those Mangoes!

Facts for Skin:

  • Mango, which is rich in Vitamin A (beta-carotene), contains powerful anti-oxidants; that aids in protecting your skin from harmful pollution in the atmosphere as well as it prevents acne problems during the summer months.
  • Mango relieves insect bites, clear blemishes and moisturizes dry skin found at your knees, elbows and heels.
  • Vitamin C, an antioxidant that decreases free radicals-molecules that cause skin dryness, fine line, and wrinkles, is found in mangoes and promotes moisturized skin and it helps to prevent wrinkle formation.
  • Mango juice has a revitalizing effect that erases dullness in the skin caused by hot and humid weather( which we know all too well in the Bahamas).

Tips for Skin:

Body Scrub - Use household ingredients such as a mango(of course!), a spoon of honey, two spoons of milk and half-a-cup of sugar. Mix them together thoroughly. Then whiles in the bath apply the mixture to your body and face. This serves as an exfoliate. Rinse with warm water followed by cold water for smooth, soft skin.

Have Oily Skin? - Remove the mango pulp from the seed and smash it a bit. Wash your face in cold water and then apply the pulp to your face. Allow it to sit on your face for about 10 minutes before rinsing it off.

WARNING: Do not use the mango skin in your skin care treatments as it may cause skin irritation!

Facts for Hair:

Once again, because mangoes are rich in Vitamin C, and Vitamin A and have traces of Vitamins E, and B, it is good for the hair and prevents/cure hair loss.
Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant, removing potentially harmful agents in a living organism, some such agents that would cause hair loss. Vitamin A stimulates the hair follicle where hair growth begins. Vitamin E is potent for blood circulation and regular, increased circulation boost the body's ability to make new hair. Vitamin B simply reduces stress which lead to hair lost.

Tips for Hair:

Deep Conditioner - Combine the mango pulp with a spoonful of yogurt, and two egg yellows and blend them together. Apply mixture to your hair, cover with a plastic shower cap and leave on for 30 minutes before washing your hair with a shampoo.

Hair MoisturizerHow to Make Mango Hair Moisturizer

I hope this inspires You to try other ways to enjoy mango season and reap its rich benefits! And if not... well... just continue to eat 'em, that's just as good! 

I think I just heard another one drop! I better go pick that up... if You'll like to see a video of me using the raw mango for my skin or hair let me know in your comments below!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hello Beautiful!! Here's my first Youtube and Haul video! I hope You enjoy it!!

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hello Beautiful!

Hello Beautiful People!

I'm soooo excited to share my passion and new venture with you: Fashion Blogging!
This blog will be a spot for inspiration and positive interaction in the world of Fashion. I plan to engage you my friends in articles, pictures and videos of tips and tricks about clothes, make-up, hair and nails!
Remember you're my motivation!

So please stay tune and come along as I build my Dream into a Reality! 

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