Tuesday, October 30, 2012


After stalking Vogue and Elle's online magazines and keeping a close eye on the season's Fashion Weeks, I chose a few of the Fall and Winter fashion trends that can be easily worn and suits all my beautiful people!!

Check my trend picks for the season...

"And the WINNER is..."

The Metallic choice of the season is Gold!

Whether its a sequined dress, or glitter shoes, the gold color, once worn right, adds a warm sophistication to an outfit and will definitely put your look in First Place!

|GET IN LINE|: Military

Would this Fad ever Fade?! Doubt it!
Designers have revamped this never-dying trend of buttons, strips and collars.

When the months get cooler, hand for a military inspired jacket or boot!

Beat it (((BLACK))) and (((BLUE))

This season's ideal color collab is Black and Blue. And I love it!

This allows for easy color blocking, safe mix and matching and here is two colors that can flatter any skin tone!

I think this was a smart color combo by the designers because black and blue can lend itself to a sexy or sophisticated look!

The New Black... BURGUNDY!

A color that has been overshadowed and possibly described as bland is making a statement this season.

Rich like the taste of some red wines, Burgundy in its multiple shades gives a certain sophistication to any piece of clothing, whether its shorts, a blouse or shoes.

Hence, I'd always wear this color on my "i-mean-business" days or date nights. It's not quite a color for casual.

"The WILD One..."

Out of all the Animal Prints, REPTILE SKIN is the chosen one of the season!

Snake, Aligator, Crocodile skin should be your preference over leopard, cheetah, or zebra print this season. Remember, animal prints can substitute as a neutral, so don't be afraid to rock reptile print with various outfits!!


The accessory trend of the season is the Fedora hat! Get into it!

Becoming so popular, you can now find fedoras in basic colors, neons or even animal print!

So find one that fits your head and compliments your Fall outfit to add a classic finishing touch!

This here... is about HAIR!

Hey Beautiful!

At the beginning of the year, I embarked on a hair journey and set my hair length goal to Waist Length!
I created a hair regimen based on what my hair NEEDED and time management. Time management?! Yes time management... based on the available space and time in my schedule to care for my hair.

So far I'm happy and proud of my results and wanted to bring you along on my journey and hopefully inspire You to start your own.

Check out what I've shared so far... and stay tune for my detailed Hair Regimen, products I use, and length checks!

VIDEO: Let's Talk Hair: Hair Blab... Brief intro to My Hair Journey.

VIDEO: Moisturize and Seal... What I Use and How I Do

PICS: Length Checks.... Fresh Perm and 1st Trim for 2012 

Current Length... Bra Strap Length (BSL)

Desired Length.... Waist Length (WL)
My Thumbs are the marker for where I want my hair to be.

Monday, October 29, 2012

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