Monday, August 20, 2012


Hey Beautiful!!!

I was given the opportunity to style 10 models for a Natural Hair and Fashion Show!

The looks were to express Sexiness, Sassiness and Sophistication and show that being natural doesn't mean being boring and bland!

It was fun and exciting to style the Ladies and work with the owner of a local online boutique JaDazzles Clothing and Accessories!

Here's some of the BEHIND-THE-SCENE and Make Over Pics!

Tell me which looks are your favorite? Are you Sassy, Sexy or Sophisticated?

Behind the Scenes

A Little Two-Sided Tape to Hide the Model's Bra and Keep her Shirt in Place
Cuffing the Sleeve of the Model's Blazer

Placing Two-Sided Tape on the Inside of the Dress to Prevent it from Riding Up

Models Dressed and Ready to Strut on the Runway

The Models and I

The Looks







Have any Questions about the looks?! Leave a comment below! I want to hear from you!! :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

BEDSIDE BEAUTY #1: EVOO Natural Make-Up Remover

Hello Beautiful!

Welcome to a new feature I'm adding to my Facebook Page, YouTube, Channel, and BlogSpot!
The concept is using items, ingredients, and products found right at home in your Beauty, Skin and Hair Care Regimen!

Oooo this is going to be Fun and Exciting! Get ready for a lot of simple do-it-yourself and you'll be surprised the products and ingredients we're going to use for this and that!

So lets get started!!

BEDSIDE BEAUTY #1: Extra Virgin Olive Oil Natural Make-Up Remover

What You will Need:

1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Your Choice! Just make sure it's Virgin Oil which isn't Processed!

2.  Cotton Ball or Cotton Rounds.

3. A Bowl or Container to pour the EVOO into.

Now that you have all the necessary items... watch my video below to see how I remove my make-up naturally, without having to buy any expensive chemical products!


Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is filled with nutrition and antioxidants namely Vitamins A and E, which are excellent for the body internally but are equally as beneficial externally for Skin and Hair!

For more info on the benefits of EVOO on the Skin, check out these links:

Benefits of Using Extra Virgin Olive Oil on the Skin

Beauty and Olive Oil

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