Thursday, November 8, 2012


During the winter season the sexiest, most affordable trend that You can wear is your own healthy, moisturized skin!!

Even though here in the Bahamas, we're usually blessed with a hot, sunny climate, we have been experiencing some cooler nights and mornings recently. Hopefully this is an indication of the change in our weather... and finally we can have a cold winter.

However, winter weather can be a bit harsh on your skin. Cold air and gushes of wind can result in excessive dryness in your skin. So it is important to keep your skin moisturized!

Here are a few tips to beautiful, smooth, and moist skin:

1) Don't take hot showers or baths!! (I'm Guilty)
 Instead opt for a lukewarm shower. How water removes natural oils from your skin, causing dryness.

2) Avoid using soap which can leave the skin dry.
Instead opt for a moisture body wash, which contains up to 10 times more moisturizer than a soap.

3) After a bath or shower, gently pat your skin dry instead of rubbing.

4) Apply a moisturizer (or lotion) to your skin while it is still damp to lock in the water.

5) Drink at least 8 glasses of water to keep your skin and body hydrated throughout the day.

Add these helpful easy tips to your skin regimen today!!

So maybe you're not sure which moisturizer to use? Or maybe your summer lotion isn't keeping you as moist in the winter?

Well... here are 5 of the Top Best Moisturizers:


Buy It to Try It!

Vaseline may have been a brand you overlooked, but now they have stepped their game up! 
Perks: Its lightweight, and doesn't make your skin feel heavy and greasy.


My Personal Fave <3

Usually a prescribed lotion for eczema patients, Cetaphil really gives the skin a hydrating dose of moisture! 
Perks: A little goes a long way! You'll surely get your monies worth!
#Tip: Try the Facial Wash & Bar Soap!


Old Folks Tale...

You've probably heard about Palmer's from your grand-mother or mother! Take their advice! Palmer's is an excellent moisture infused with Vitamin E which is filled with benefits for the skin!!
Perks: It smooths and tones bruises, dark spots and stretch marks on the skin.


Ooo La La!
What more can I say?! Its Olay and it delivers on its promise of silky soft skin! You'll see and feel the moisture!
Perks: Its products are anti-aging to keep your skin looking youthful.


The Secret.

Keri lotion has been overlooked! You may have not even heard of it. Well let me reveal this silent soother! With its thick rich combination of 5 moisturizers, this is one lotion you'll want to use daily for a deep penetration of moisture into your skin!
Perks: It'll last long for an all day feel of soft and smooth skin.

So there You have it! 5 tips and 5 recommended moisturizers to keep Your skin on trend for the winter!!

If you have any other suggestions or personal faves feel free to share! I want to hear from You!

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