Monday, October 7, 2013

Floral, Stripe, Birthday Life!!

Hello Beautiful!

Fashion is all about having fun and creating your own style! With trends like Color Blocking and Mixing Patterns (my two personal faves), NO ONE should look alike!

September 16th I celebrated my birthday with lunch, love, and laughter! And I dressed myself in a Mixed Print outfit, using 2 very old pieces from my closet!

Here's what I wore:

Black and White Racer Back Tee

#trendalert! Stripes are a staple in every closet! They're simple details that can make a big difference in and outfit, and they usually come back every year in one of the Fashion seasons.

Floral Mini Skirt

Black and Gold Ankle Strap Sandals


Neon Pink and Gold Chain Link Necklace Set
Gold Michael Kors Watch
Single Gold Ring

Full Outfit:

The Mixing of Prints is not common where I'm from, but its an old Trend in the Fashion world and by far one of my favorites. Besides the fact that it was My Birthday, this outfit made me feel bubbly and had me smiling all day. Look at it.. Doesn’t it scream "HAPPY!"? When you mix prints, you'll ALWAYS have something to wear because you'll always be creating a new outfit!

Its easy to mix prints, you just have to be bold enough to try it! Just pull two contrasting patterns and put them together. Stripes is a subtle print, so it works well with any other pattern like floral, paisley or plaid. Even though my broad stripes may appear to be a bit masculine, especially in black and white, I made it feminine by pairing it with a floral skirt. I found a common thread in both the prints and that’s the colors of black and hints of white. Really, that’s the only thing that matches and ties the outfit together. I accessorized mainly with gold to pick up the gold plate detail on my sandals and drown out the silver zipper in my skirt. This outfit was cool, casual, and perfect for a lunch date and rum daiquiris!

I hope this look inspires your next outfit! Remember, "always dress to express yourself."

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