Saturday, June 22, 2013


Hello Beautiful!

Even though the seasons are changing, the Fashion Trends are basically the same. The Stripes and Bermuda Short trends are still on trend for Summer, but there are a few new trends that you and I need to try!

1. Graphic Prints

BRING the heat to your outfits this summer in BOLD shapes and color combinations! Graphic prints includes logo tees, abstract shapes, pictures and color blocks. My favorite graphic print design is to mix black and white with a bright color. Try this trend in a dress, bandeu top or midi length skirt.

2. Fringes - HANG LOOSE

Simple details can be EVERYTHING to a shirt, skirt, dress, or shoe! And this summer the desired detail is FRINGE. Fringe adds a casual feel to a finishing detail. Depending on how it is worn fringe can be used to reveal a little skin which is perfect for summer, or conceal a little skin without being hot... which is also perfect for summer. Try this trend on a dress, shoe, or purse!

3. Geisha - Asian Invasion

Oriental style is making a statement this summer season! And honestly, who doesn't want to be a Geisha Doll? I sure do! Wearing an oriental styled piece allows you to create a Geisha themed outfit, and theme outfits are easy to style! Kimono styled tops, pajama bottoms or chinese graphic tees can be dressed up or down! Try this trend in a jacket, dress or pants!

4. Hologram - Shine Bright

The trend to look out for this season is Holographic clothing, but really, you CAN'T MISS IT! Wearing a kaleidoscope of shimmery colors may not be your first choice, but this trend can really set you apart from the crowd if worn right! The best part of this shiny metallic looking trend is that it can easily be paired with white or jeans and that makes it easy to style. Try this trend in a shirt, clutch or shoes!

5. Denim on Denim - Double Up!

Denim never really goes out of style, so the Fashion world has to keep finding ways to reinvent it. In the recent years we've seen distressed denim, then acid wash denim was a hit last year! But this year's summer denim trend is to wear denim on denim. Double, triple, quadruple it up! And the fun part is you can mix a acid washed or ombre bleached denim top with a solid denim pants, or distressed denim pants with a chambray top. Try this trend in a shirt, skirt and of course jeans!

6. Gladiator Shoes

The shoe trend craze for this summer season is the Gladiator style shoes. However shoe designers are now modernizing this style with sexy heels and bringing the straps all the way up to the knee. Gladiators were always my least favorite shoe style, but with this new twist I'm all in for the summer trend! Of course you can still wear the flats ones, they're in style too. But the knee high and high heels were sent from the Fashion Gods, so try it!

7. Catch that Clutch! 

A lot of celebrities have been photographed lately with small purses or envelop clutches no matter the time of day! And that has set the "bag" trends for the Summer 2013 Fashion Season. The Kardashian style Hermes and Celine totes are out of style for the season! Look out for the handsize clutches that are only big enough to fit your lip gloss and cell phone or the envelope clutches that can also carry your keys and wallet. Try this trend in a clear box clutch, or a hologram envelop clutch!


  1. I have been sporting fringe & denim on denim since last summer and I'm happy to see that it's still excuse for me to rock even more! I've even invested in a fringe messenger bag/clutch for these summer nights. I also think the whole Bohemian theme is a go this summer as well.

    Great post as always.


  2. Hey lovley Post!!!
    I love the Styles and must haves you picked!

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    would like to keep in touch

  3. gladiator shoes are my fav! i am obsessed with gladiator sandals. they work with everything.



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