Saturday, March 16, 2013


Hello Beautiful!

So spring is quickly approaching! Time to pull out the pastels and soft materials. Flirty dresses, blazers and tees... right?! Wrong!

Spring Fashion Season this year is serving up a SURPRISE! The Spring Trends for 2013 are far from the usual. Pastels are being replaced by Monotones. Cotton being replaced by Leather! And casual turning into chic!

I'm excited for this year's Spring Fashion Season! Check out my picks of the Most Wearable Trends for Spring 2013...

Short Sophistication.

Shorts Suits is my #1 pick for Spring Trends this year! Who said suits are masculine and tailored to the office or church?! Not Michael Kors and Tory Burch! These designers set the trend on the runway pairing a jacket with the matching short pants. Short pants! Forget simple and casual this Spring. It's all about sophistication and chic. Wear this trend to happy hours, casual business meeting or even a nice lunch date. I can't wait to try this trend.... look out for it!

No Gray Areas!

Put down your Lilac and Sky Blue pieces, the color combo for this season is Black and White! Not the typical "spring trends" Easter colors, but these traditional monotone colors are ready to wear all year long, easy to style, inexpensive and appropriate for work  or play. Designers Jason Wu and Marc Jacobs were genius for putting the most wearable color combo on the runway for Spring 2013.

Sneaky Peek?

Forget the Easter Egg hunt. Play the game of Peekaboo this Spring. Cutouts, splits, and sheers are the sexy trends this season, and there is peekaboo piece for everyone! For petite body shapes, wear that body fitting dress with the cutouts on the sides. For the lean, long woman, wear that dress with a high split. For the big sexy ladies, wear that lacy top that covers all the right areas and reveals the necessary. You're not going to see the Easter Bunny on your date nights, so don't dress like it! Stay SEXY this Spring, its 2013!

Sail into Spring....

Are you riding the waves of the Spring 2013 trends yet? Here's another one for you to jump on board! Bold Stripes! Cruise right by those floral prints and grab hold of some big, bold stripes! The nautical trend is also a traditional one that's wearable for the Spring season, and all the seasons. Wear stripes this Spring and sail your style between casual and chic.

Bermudas are BACK!

It'll probably be too hot for long pants and not everyone is comfortable in hot shorts, so my beloved Bermuda Shorts are back for Spring 2013! Not that I needed Bermuda's to be in style to rock them, but THANK YOU DKNY for re-introducing them to the runway. For the teens, the 20 somethings and the 30's and over, Bermuda shorts are age appropriate, easy to wear and easy to style!

Spring Up, Step Down.

The shoe trend for the 2013 Spring Fashion season is Flats and Low Heels. Yes, a lady should "always keep her standards high, and heels HIGHER", but save that for date night. Give your feet a rest this season in the revamped, modernized styles of flats and low heels. Go for ankle straps, pointy mouths, and vibrant colors.

Shady Business...

Accessories just add the final touches to any outfit, and THE accessory trend this season is Statement Sunglasses! No, no... not the regular aviators and oversize square frames. We're talking vintage, cat-eyed, bold, loud... simply NOT the norm. Slip on your shades and step onto YOUR runway!

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  1. I'm definitely excited about the floral, tuxedo and lace trends this season!


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