Friday, February 28, 2014

Bring in Spring!

Hello Beautiful! Happy 2014!

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So Spring is quickly approaching and I've kicked start the season with My spring time Fashion!

Earlier this month I attended a church convention, and even when worshipping you can be stylish! I used one of the 2014 spring fashion season's biggest trends, Shift Dresses, and a little color play to create My outfit of the day!

Here's what I wore:

Mustard Yellow Shift Dress -

Sophia (Gold Toe Nude Pumps) - <== Click here

Turquoise Chandelier Earring - Bought Locally

After the drab monochromatic and dark colors of Fall and Winter, Spring is the time to add color to a New Year and your life! Spring is also the time to keep a little sophistication to your style until the casual Summer days arrive!

In this look I paired 3 different bold colors together: Mustard Yellow, Turquoise and Purple (lipstick). I neutralize the color blend with my nude shoes and clear clutch, and the gold accent just tied everything together! This shift dress, although short and the hem is zig zagged, has a subtle sophistication to it and closed in pumps always say "sophisticated!" The church convention was on a Saturday, and I think the style, length and color palette of this dress was perfect for Saturday worship and it was simple, sophisticated and didn't take away from Sunday's best!

I hope this look inspires your next outfit! Remember, "always dress to express yourself."

In Loving Memory of  Paula Wilson


Monday, October 7, 2013

Floral, Stripe, Birthday Life!!

Hello Beautiful!

Fashion is all about having fun and creating your own style! With trends like Color Blocking and Mixing Patterns (my two personal faves), NO ONE should look alike!

September 16th I celebrated my birthday with lunch, love, and laughter! And I dressed myself in a Mixed Print outfit, using 2 very old pieces from my closet!

Here's what I wore:

Black and White Racer Back Tee

#trendalert! Stripes are a staple in every closet! They're simple details that can make a big difference in and outfit, and they usually come back every year in one of the Fashion seasons.

Floral Mini Skirt

Black and Gold Ankle Strap Sandals


Neon Pink and Gold Chain Link Necklace Set
Gold Michael Kors Watch
Single Gold Ring

Full Outfit:

The Mixing of Prints is not common where I'm from, but its an old Trend in the Fashion world and by far one of my favorites. Besides the fact that it was My Birthday, this outfit made me feel bubbly and had me smiling all day. Look at it.. Doesn’t it scream "HAPPY!"? When you mix prints, you'll ALWAYS have something to wear because you'll always be creating a new outfit!

Its easy to mix prints, you just have to be bold enough to try it! Just pull two contrasting patterns and put them together. Stripes is a subtle print, so it works well with any other pattern like floral, paisley or plaid. Even though my broad stripes may appear to be a bit masculine, especially in black and white, I made it feminine by pairing it with a floral skirt. I found a common thread in both the prints and that’s the colors of black and hints of white. Really, that’s the only thing that matches and ties the outfit together. I accessorized mainly with gold to pick up the gold plate detail on my sandals and drown out the silver zipper in my skirt. This outfit was cool, casual, and perfect for a lunch date and rum daiquiris!

I hope this look inspires your next outfit! Remember, "always dress to express yourself."

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

3 Ways to Style a Floral Skirt!

Hello Beautiful!! It's been a minute, and I've missed You!

This week's Monday was my 24th b-day, and as I styled my outfit of the day, it HIT me that the skirt I chose to wear, I had worn twice before and one of the times was for my 22nd b-day! I'm all about recycling clothes these days. So here's 3 ways I styled this floral skirt...

Club Life!

The first time I wore this floral skirt I paired it with a black corset top and black pumps for a grown and sexy look in the club. I accessorized the outift with gold and pearl accessories for a touch of sophistication and to make the outfit more formal.

You can create the same look by pairing a floral skirt with a lace crop top or sequins bustier. In that case keep your accessories simple and shoes simple.

Busy Body!

The second time I wore this skirt was for a photo shoot for Eyecon Bahamas Celebrity Minx Nails with photographer Andrew L. Newton. For this look I paired the floral skirt with a gold studded black tee and a black faux leather trimmed jeans jacket. I wore my Jeffrey Campbell inspired heeless wedges and simple gold accessories with a black clutch.

You can recreate this look by pairing your floral skirt with a blazer, and leggings or stalking during the Fall/Winter season or even for Work! Just swap the wedges for a pair of Mary Jane pumps.

Casual Mix!

The third I wore this skirt I paired it with a striped racer back tee and gold and black ankle sandals. I accessorized with a gold chain link necklace set with neon pink details. I mixed prints for this casual look.  For a better view of my necklace set ==> CLICK HERE!

You can recreate this look by pairing the floral skirt with a polka dot shirt and peep toe flats.

I hope this look inspires your next outfit! Remember, "always dress to express yourself."


Saturday, June 22, 2013


Hello Beautiful!

Even though the seasons are changing, the Fashion Trends are basically the same. The Stripes and Bermuda Short trends are still on trend for Summer, but there are a few new trends that you and I need to try!

1. Graphic Prints

BRING the heat to your outfits this summer in BOLD shapes and color combinations! Graphic prints includes logo tees, abstract shapes, pictures and color blocks. My favorite graphic print design is to mix black and white with a bright color. Try this trend in a dress, bandeu top or midi length skirt.

2. Fringes - HANG LOOSE

Simple details can be EVERYTHING to a shirt, skirt, dress, or shoe! And this summer the desired detail is FRINGE. Fringe adds a casual feel to a finishing detail. Depending on how it is worn fringe can be used to reveal a little skin which is perfect for summer, or conceal a little skin without being hot... which is also perfect for summer. Try this trend on a dress, shoe, or purse!

3. Geisha - Asian Invasion

Oriental style is making a statement this summer season! And honestly, who doesn't want to be a Geisha Doll? I sure do! Wearing an oriental styled piece allows you to create a Geisha themed outfit, and theme outfits are easy to style! Kimono styled tops, pajama bottoms or chinese graphic tees can be dressed up or down! Try this trend in a jacket, dress or pants!

4. Hologram - Shine Bright

The trend to look out for this season is Holographic clothing, but really, you CAN'T MISS IT! Wearing a kaleidoscope of shimmery colors may not be your first choice, but this trend can really set you apart from the crowd if worn right! The best part of this shiny metallic looking trend is that it can easily be paired with white or jeans and that makes it easy to style. Try this trend in a shirt, clutch or shoes!

5. Denim on Denim - Double Up!

Denim never really goes out of style, so the Fashion world has to keep finding ways to reinvent it. In the recent years we've seen distressed denim, then acid wash denim was a hit last year! But this year's summer denim trend is to wear denim on denim. Double, triple, quadruple it up! And the fun part is you can mix a acid washed or ombre bleached denim top with a solid denim pants, or distressed denim pants with a chambray top. Try this trend in a shirt, skirt and of course jeans!

6. Gladiator Shoes

The shoe trend craze for this summer season is the Gladiator style shoes. However shoe designers are now modernizing this style with sexy heels and bringing the straps all the way up to the knee. Gladiators were always my least favorite shoe style, but with this new twist I'm all in for the summer trend! Of course you can still wear the flats ones, they're in style too. But the knee high and high heels were sent from the Fashion Gods, so try it!

7. Catch that Clutch! 

A lot of celebrities have been photographed lately with small purses or envelop clutches no matter the time of day! And that has set the "bag" trends for the Summer 2013 Fashion Season. The Kardashian style Hermes and Celine totes are out of style for the season! Look out for the handsize clutches that are only big enough to fit your lip gloss and cell phone or the envelope clutches that can also carry your keys and wallet. Try this trend in a clear box clutch, or a hologram envelop clutch!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Hello Beautiful!!

I've been inspired by the creativity and braveness of a few of My Fashion Icons, as they mix all kinds of colors, materials, prints and texture into one STYLISH CLASH of an outfit!

Some looks are not for everyday wear, but there are those occasion where You can mix it up a little bit to turn heads.

This past weekend I attended the Bijoux BAHAMIAN Hair Battle and Showcase. And with so much BOLD, CRAZY, CREATIVITY filling the room, I felt right at home in a MIXED UP outfit!

Here's what I wore:

Denim Sleeveless Top - DD's Discount

Click HERE to watch My Vacay Haul video featuring this top!

Faux Leather Skater Skirt - Forever 21

Michael Antonio Snake Print Metallic Heels

Neon Yellow Satchel/Clutch - Target

Click HERE to watch My Vacay Haul video featuring this top!

Michael Kors Watch - Gold

Gold Clasp Bracelet

Black & Gold Ring

Black, Gold and Pearl Statement Necklace.

Full Outfit

The Mix of this outfit is so bold and hardcore, that if I wasn't wearing a skirt and heels I could've passed for a cowboy! This shows Me that I'm becoming bolder with My fashion and style. And sometimes you just have to push that envelope...

Although I'm rocking denim, leather and snake skin, I softened the outfit and made it sexy with a sleeveless top, short skirt and heels. Also, every piece of clothing is neutral and allows me to play with the other. Think about it, you can where denim with almost anything, leather with almost anything and animal prints with almost anything as they also serve as a neutral. I accessorized with gold to balance out the metallic in my shoes, with pearls for femininity, and with this neon bag for a pop of color and reminder that its still spring and soon summer!

I hope this look inspires your next outfit! Remember, "always dress to express yourself."


Monday, May 13, 2013

Pretty Pennies: WAYS to CUT COST for PROM

Hello Beautiful.

Its soon here! The night you've been waiting for…
Let the sequins, jewels and dancing shoes come out! Its your PROM NIGHT… and it'll be gone in less than 10 hours.

Now I'll be honest, I didn't need a special occasion like Prom Night, or some extravagant ball to go broke over an outfit. I use to ball out on any given weekend just for a concert, party, or date night! Shoots… and don't let it be my BIRTHDAY! I'm taking all the cash out of them ATM machine (call the Armor Truck)!
But now I'm a lot wiser and I've found ways to save my money, by spending without splurging. So for all the Prom Queens and Prom Princesses of 2013, here's 5 tips for You!

1.Purchase a Ready Made Dress

Save yourself time, and money buy going into a formal wear boutique, trying on a dress, and making a one time purchase. 

I always welcome creativity, so if you wish to have your dress custom made by a designer or seamstress, that’s fine. But I've heard to many horror stories of dress makers not finishing dresses on time, or them not fitting right, or the dress doesn't look like the design you wanted. Also too, since you probably won't have you driver's license by then, you'll need someone to take you back and forth to dress fittings and fabric stores etc. So cut all that and just purchase a dress, have it altered in the store to your exact fit, and move on to what's next on the agenda!

2. Chose wisely on your Shoes

Once you've decided on your dress, now its time to pick out a shoe. Your dress length is a good indicator of what shoe to buy. If your dress is short or midi length and your shoe will be seen, then I'd say purchase a shoe that will compliment your dress and make a statement! However, if your dress is long, ground sweeping and flowy then purchase a shoe that is simple. Usually formal shoes with intricate designs and embellishments are more expensive than a simple satin sandal. With that in mind… why would you spend a lot of money on shoes that will not be seen?
#sidetip: Make sure your Prom Shoes are comfortable….so you can dance all night!!

3. Rummage through your Closet

Now that you've picked up your dress and purchase your shoes, its time to look for accessories! Accessories are that little finishing detail that can cost you a BIG price. So why not cut cost by wearing accessories that you already have? More than likely EVERYONE'S focus will be on your dress, so don't splurge on accessories! Dig through your closet, your sisters closet, your mother's closet and whoever you know should have some nice pieces to compliment your dress! If you're unable to thrift any accessories from your collection or your relatives… then you can shop for accessories!

4. D.I.Y or ask a Friend!

Remember, looking good at your Prom is only 1 cost to consider. You will also want a Limo or Town Car, Photography and all that jazz! So don't spend all your money on your look. Save by doing somethings YOURSELF. For instance polish your own nails, style your own hair, or apply your own make-up!
Of course If you can't do any of the above, then ask a friend or pay for it. But if You can…. Then why not?!

5. Invest!

Prom night is just the beginning of the PARTY season after graduation. You'll most likely be attending other graduation dinners and parties straight through the summer! So when purchasing items for Prom, make sure these items can be worn or used again for graduation and/or other events. That's what I call shopping investment. If you can't afford splurging the first time... make sure you don't have to splurge again!

I hope you'll remember these 5 tips when shopping for Prom this year, and save yourself some Pretty pennies!
Congrats Beautiful, and ENJOY! :)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

=:+: PROM FASHION TRENDS 2013 :+:=

Hello Beautiful!

Those BIG, PUFFY ball or wedding dresses are no longer "IN STYLE" for Prom! Unless, of course, You're having a theme prom and that's what You're required to wear!

But if You aren't! The prom fashion trends for this year is taking You from... down the aisle... to RED CARPET!

So if You want to be IN STYLE at Your prom this year, try one of My most wearable trends for the 2013 Prom Fashion season:

Prom Queen: Gold Metallic

Nothing says, "Royalty, look at Me!" like a touch of gold! You've seen it worn by some big names on the red carpet, such Beyonce and Taylor Swift. Gold metallic dresses is one of my most wearable trends for the 2013 Prom season because it can be worn on any skin tone (dark, medium or light). Also, the metallic color is neutral and can be worn with many colors to accessorize and compliment an outfit. You can rock this trend with a matte red lip or a black clutch.

Battle of the Shimmer: Sequins


Its prom time, and every girl wants to "shine bright like a Diamond!" While sequins and embellishment is a traditional touch on most prom dresses, this season's Prom queens have two options to wear it: ALL OVER or ONLY ON THE BUST.

All Over 

Prom is the perfect occasion to be over the top in an all over sequin dress. I chose this trend for the girls like myself who love a pop of color in their life. No matter what color you chose to wear on prom night turquoise, pink, or purple, it still looks sassy, sexy, and sophisticated in an all over sequins dress.

 Also, for the girl with simple taste, such as an easy hair do and minimum make-up this trend is perfect! Because she can be true to her silent self and let her dress make the statement!

Only On the BUST

Now, for the girl who wants to shine beyond her dress, embellishments only on the bustier is the right choice! Upper sequins does give your dress some sparkle but allows you to go overboard on hair and make up and accessories to your wrist and hands.

Also, for the small chested or straight shaped girl, an embellished bustier creates volume to the upper body and defines your midsection and bust.

Prom Date? The Sweetheart Neckline

The sweetheart neckline has to be my MOST FAVORITE trend for this year's prom season. It has a look of effortless class, while creating subtle drama to any dress. The dress could be simple or complicated but this strapless, heart shaped neckline mixes sweet and innocent with sexy and sophisticated. Also, this trend is popular in many different style dresses this season to flatter any body shape.

The Big Reveal: High & Low

My last pick for this year's prom trend is the High-Low or Illusion Skirt. Prom is two events in one... a Formal Dinner and a Big Party. And this is why I like this trend because you have 2 dresses in 1 for your 2 events in 1 night. The longer (low) part of the dress is appropriate for an elegant formal dinner, while the shorter (high) part of the dress is comfortable for a club/dance floor party. Its also a very youthful and fun style for your age.

You'll remember your prom night forever, so why not make all your friends remember you too! Choose one of my Prom 2013 trend picks and woo your date, arrive in style and steal the Prom Queen's spotlight (unless you're the Prom Queen yourself)! I hope this post was helpful! Enjoy your Prom Night, Beautiful!!

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