Monday, December 3, 2012


Hey Beautiful!

Are you like me, in LOVE with designer handbags, shoes, and clothes... but HATE the larger than life price tag?! #problem!

Well luckily for us there is such a blessing called "designer inspired"! Noo, not the knock off or bootleg version, but a totally different designer, brand, make and model that looks exactly like or very similar to that designer piece you and I both desire!

Here's my first post on SPLURGE? or STEAL!!

One of my favorite FASHIONISTAS is pop star Rihanna, and I fell in love with these simple open toe sandals she wore a few times this year. So I did a little Fashion investigation... and found out the sandals wore Manolo Blahnik's - Chaos.

Rihanna in Manolo Blahnik Chaos at the GQ Men of the Year Party 2012

Through my research, I also found out that these sandals retail for $695!!!!!!! Whoa!

Manolo Blahnik Chaos $695 sold at BARNEYS NEW YORK

Luckily for You and I, I found a "designer inspired" replica of the Chaos...

Anne Michelle Enzo - 01 Open Toe Ankle Strap Sandals

WaLa!!! These open toe ankle strap sandals retail for $22.70 on! How about that for a STEAL OF A DEAL?!


So I'm sure we're all aware of the heel-less wedge trend that bust out onto the fashion scene this year and totally dominated!! Thank Lady Ga-Ga for making that strange looking shoe popular!

For instance, check out these heels that I use to call the Mary Jane heel-less wedges, and later found out they're the Jeffrey Campbell - Night Walk.

Jeffrey Campbell Night Walk in Black Pebble $168.00

These babies can be found online for a price to the tune of $168.00! Mmm hmm $168.00! I love these shoes, but I don't know if I'm "ABOUT THAT PRICE". So I was VERY happy when I found a "designer inspired" replica to the Night Walks...

Goddess-02 Leatherette Heel Less Mary Jane Curved Wedge

Once again... these heel-less wedges retails for $35. 50 on! So.... splurge? or STEAL?

I got both "designer inspired" heels for the STEAL price and I'm very happy with my purchases!

I hope this post will save you a few pennies too!!


  1. i think those shoes that lady ga ga wears is so weird- lol... it's extremly different- but the fashion world is forever changing so- maybe I'll grow to appreciate that style :/

    1. Gaga's version of fashion is a bit... EXTREME!! Lol. But there are some heel-less wedges that are cute to rock, like the ones featured here. :)


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